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FIRST LOOK: Just shot a killer scene with Rocco Steele for Raw Fuck Club yesterday (August 20, 2014) in Ft Lauderdale. MASSIVE cock and he knows how to use it. Started with oral by the pool, then took it inside where Rocco rimmed my hairy hole reallllly good, then fucked me doggie. Next I squatted down on his huge powerful cock. He then did me missionary and got it all the way in me (YAY!), pile-drive fucked me, and then went back to missionary where he shot his load onto my hole. Just one squirt to show the jizz, and the rest of the 80% of his load was internal. I’ve been leaking his cum back out of my hole all night and woke up with his cake-dried cum on my asshairs this morning.


Anonymous asked:

I want to finger your ass for hours and make you begged to be fucked like the slut that you are. Would that be good punishment? Haha

Sounds more like a reward. Mmmmmm!  ;-)

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