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FROM ANONYMOUS: “Hey request for you. Workout and then sniff and lick your pits and workout socks. Start in workout clothes and strip as you go. Something you’d be willing to do?”

watchfan2010 asked
Do you ever get so in need for a dick in you ass that you try to excite and tempt one of your roommates to fuck you?

I don’t share a sexual connection with my roommates. The chemistry/relationship I have with them doesn’t take me into any booty calls.

Anonymous asked
You've posted a lot of pics ranging from your smooth body twink days to your hairy man days. The transition has been hot to see. The things I know - you have learned to use your hole in many more ways to service cocks and get the maximum load from them. I know that all the times you have been bred have only made you crave getting bred even more. I know that your hole is aching for cock every second of every day even when you are just out doing the everyday things that have to get done.

Perfect analysis - and I stress the ‘anal’ part of that word.

Anonymous asked
A couple of fan foto requests. What would you pick as your top 3 "cum dump" pics? And the top 3 pics for showing your hole stretched out and opened wide. Thanks.

I will  do some photo searches to satisfy your request, buddy.

Anonymous asked
Nice load of cum. Let's see 9 more loads in that glass--into the freezer for one sweet cumsycle up your sweet ass. Woof!

Thanks. ;-)